Leadership Training Team

We are a group of students from high schools in Silicon Valley. We would like to help more kids develop the leadership skills.

Audrey Z.

Audrey is a rising 9th grader at Lynbrook High. She has held many leadership positions including Vice President of Student Council and being in the ASB/Leadership Class in Middle School. She was selected as student representative multiple times and was on the leadership team in 5th grade + more. Audrey also enjoys dancing, playing violin, and has gotten many medals. She hopes to share with you what she has learned throughout her leadership experience!


  1. Introduction, Smart goals + video about grit, mission statement

  • Having everyone present their introduction slide

  • Talking about smart goals and having them set some example goals + breakout rooms

  • Missions statement homework

  1. Win-win situations, trying another way + video, 16 personalities

  • Win win situation explaining and discussion

  • Piper short film video + discussion

  • 16 personalities test


By the end of this class, you will have learned and improved in being an effective communicator and leader. You will have had many opportunities to discover your strengths and weaknesses as well as get a chance to practice public speaking skills. You will learn how to create productive goals, the importance of grit, and more. There will also be interesting videos along the way! I hope you will join me for this fun and interesting journey. :)