ESL Team


We are a group of students from the United States. We would like to help you learn authentic English.  


Coaches (教员组):

Abigail Y.

Hi! My name is Abigail, but you can call me Abby. I’m 11 years old, and an incoming sixth grader at Miller Middle School in San Jose, California.  Some of my hobbies are: swimming, ballet, math, piano, and eating! I also love the Harry Potter Series. I’ve read all the books, and watched all the movies. I can speak fluent English and Chinese. I’m looking forward to meeting you! 

Alex C.

My name is Alex Hanyu Chen. I am preparing to enter 9th grade at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. I like history, Spanish, chemistry, and biology classes the most. My favorite sports are tennis and baseball. I also like to learn about current world events as well as learn more about the subjects that I like. I would like to join the program as I would want to help more people learn English and have them understand English better. 

Alex T.

Alex Tang was born and raised in the Bay Area of California. He is going to be a sixth grader in BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. He enjoys reading about science and new technology. He also likes to play piano, garden, swim, and go to the beach.

Alice C.

Alice C. is a rising 5th grader at Ladue Fifth Grade Center. She participated in the Academy of Science - St. Louis Science Fair, and won a Blue Ribbon for Outstanding Achievement Innovation & Creativity 2021 and 2022. She was the winner of Bayer Outstanding Scientist 2022 Certificate of Achievement. Alice plays chess and piano. She was the 1st place in Snowflake Classic – Rook Arena Chess Tournament 2020 by St. Louis Chess Club. She enjoys learning science and languages. She has been the winner of Chinese Speech Competition by St. Louis Modern Chinese School. She hopes to share her learning experience with you in the program.

Alyssa H.

Alyssa is a 11 year old girl who enjoys sports such as dance and ice skating. She loves to draw and play the piano. She loves sweets and enjoys doing activities with friends. Such as playing , dancing , and baking with friends. She loves making friends and also enjoys to talk about a lot of things like what you like or dislike. She enjoys learning new things from others and is excited to meet new people.

Amy L.

Hi, my name is Amy, and I'm 12 years old. I am an American-born Chinese living in California. I play the piano and violin and enjoy reading, writing, and basketball. I mainly speak English, but I speak Chinese at home. I generally love to socialize and interact with people, and I can't wait to help you improve your English. I look forward to meeting you! 

Amy T.

Hey, I'm Amy.  I was born in New York and raised in the Bay Area.  I've participated in several math contests, and I'm also part of a local swim team.  I enjoy participating in leadership activities and have served in ASB positions for over six years.  In my free time, you can find my drawing.

Andrew L.

 Hi! I'm a rising junior in an American high school. I am a sports editor for the school newspaper. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, eating food, listening to music, and working out. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my English knowledge with you.

Ariel Y.

Ariel Yu is preparing to go to Challenger for 7th grade. She likes drawing and listening to music. Her favorite subjects are grammar, science, and math. Her favorite sports are playing tennis and table tennis. Ariel loves to make new friends. She likes to listen to people and help them 

Baoyi T.

Hi, my name is Baoyi Tu. I will be in 9th grade at Archbishop Mitty. I am good at English, and I look forward to improving your English speaking and writing skills. I can also speak Mandarin. I enjoy playing violin, building devices, playing video games, and more. I use some of my free time to read and watch YouTube videos. 

Brian R.

Brian resides in Northern California. He is a rising 8th grader. Brian is good at math, coding, and reading. He is also exploring interest in music, leadership, and finance. Brian is a passionate basketball player. He plays in school basketball team who claimed champion in valley athletic league in Yr 2022. Brian looks forward to helping kids improve their English skill.

Caden Yang

My name is Caden Yang, and I will be going to 7th grade in the coming school year. I enjoy swimming and playing tennis, and enjoy helping people which lead me to this opportunity. Hope I can help! 

Chloe H.

Chloe is a rising 9th grader who loves dancing and gymnastics. She also likes to play the piano and flute. Besides that, she is addicted to solving cubes. She enjoys to have fun with her friends and family, and she hopes she can spend more time to read. 

Christine W.

Name: Christine W.

Age: 11 yrs.

Gender: Female

School: (K-2)- Challenger, (3- )- Harker

Grade: G4

Achievements: At Challenger, I received first place in the speech contest, second place in the computer science contest, first place in the writing contest, and third in the math contest. I also received a scholarship. This was all achieved in first grade. In second grade, Covid hit and none of the contests were held. At Harker, I received straight-A grades and awards for citizenship and academic achievement, as well as the Love of Learning Award and the Mission of the School Award.

Passions: I am quite passionate about swimming, and I attend swim meets frequently. I also love and enjoy writing, and I have aced English in school for over two years. That being said, I hope you now know more about me and have a good day!

 Daniel W.

Hi, my name is Daniel Wei. I’m 12 years old and going into 7th grade. I like playing baseball, playing Minecraft and Clash Royale, chatting on Discord, watching YouTube and cubing. I also enjoy solving math problems and reading sci-fi novels.

David W.

Hello, my name is David, and I'm a rising 8th grader in Clarksville Middle School. I am in the band at CMS and I like the school format overall. In my free time I like playing video games, reading, and swimming. I'm looking forward to teaching the students about English. 

Emma W.

Hi my name is Emma Wang .I am a rising fifth grader and I am 11yrs old. I like reading , writing ,and swimming. My favorite subjects in school are English and science. As a great student, I have been presented with the following achievements in school: The Love of Learning Award , Academic Honors , and Certificate of achievement in Membean. As an extracurricular activity I do for fun outside of school, I have achieved Honors and High Honors Award on Efficient, an online math program. My favorite books are Harry Potter and Front desk. Outwardly, my goal is to spread some happiness to new people and to allow people to discover that they are unlimited in potential. I hope you have a nice day!

Ernie F.

I am Ernie from Bay Area. I like to read books and code small games. I am going to BASIS Independent Silicon Valley this fall for 6th grade. Math and history are among my favorite subjects. I enjoy playing and learning chess along with badminton and tennis. Adding on, I really enjoy to hike. I also like to make YouTube videos and play Minecraft every once in a while. 

Ethan L.

Hi! I am Ethan, a rising 8th grader in San Jose, California. During my free time, I like to play piano, violin, and tennis. I also like to look at random articles on Wikipedia. My favorite books are Julius Caesar and Animal Farm.

Ethan S.

I am frost. I live in America, and I like to read books. I like cars, dogs, and finance. I also enjoy surfing the net and lounging around. My favorite foods are pizza, fries, and burgers.

Fiona C.

Hey! I’m Fiona, an incoming 7th grader at John F. Kennedy Middle School in San Jose, CA. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, badminton, listening to music, and socializing with my closest friend group, though I feel extremely attached to the Kennedy Choir and everyone within. I’ve received mounds of rewards from 全球华语朗诵大赛美国赛区, USOMC, etc. and helped lead the book club at Kennedy. I speak fluent English, Mandarin, and Cantonese since I've been learning from my pre-toddler era. I look forward to meeting you all! 

Gethin W.

My name is Gethin Wang and I am bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese. My mom is a language teacher so I received this interest to teach language from her. As far as I remember my parents have exposed me to many languages including Spanish, Korean, Japanese, etc. Hopefully I can help other kids learn English. 

Hairui (Harry) H.

I'm Hairui (Harry) Hu, and I want to be a tutor for your program. I have over 50 hours of tutoring experience and have tutored people ranging from 3rd to 8th grade. I've taught both English and math, and feel that I am a very fit for your program.  

Hanyu Z.

Hi! I’m Hanyu Zhang and I go by Hannah. I live in California, United States. I’m 12 years old, and I’m an incoming 7th grader. I’m a sports person, swimming, cross country, track and field, and so on. I’ve been in many relay teams. I’ve gotten many awards from those sports. I was on the Mathcount's, Harker math invitational and science Olympiad teams. I’ve participated in various competitions and have gotten great awards there. I look forward to meeting you! 

Helen W.

My name is Helen Wu. I was born in the U.S. and am an upcoming ninth grader. I love to play the piano and flute, read, bake, and swim. I would love to teach English to non-native speakers. Attached is a photo of me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.  

Isabel Y.

My name is Isabel Yang and I’d like to help tutor some children in English. I’m 12 years old and enjoy badminton and swimming. I live in California. 

Jason N.

My name is Jason. I speak fluently in English, Chinese, and Japanese. I am 14 years old and I am a rising 9th grader in San Jose, California. I do competitive swimming and I have participated in Science Olympiad. I am looking forward to practicing English with you.

Jason R.

Jason Rong is a rising 5th grader in a Mandarin bilingual education program. He grew up in Northern California. He is fluent in both English (native) and Chinese. His favorite subject at school is reading and math. Jason plays piano and is also a passionate basketball player. He is in his school basketball team and regional basketball club. He looks forward to interacting with kids who are eager to learn English and helping them to improve their languages skills. 

Jack Z.

Jack Zhu is an upcoming 8th grader living in the bay area. He spends much of his time thinking about the mysteries of the universe and also what he’s going to eat for lunch today. 

Jayden X.

Hi, my name is Jayden. I am an 11 year old boy and just finished elementary school. I live in America and my favorite subject is math. I also had good grades in subjects like math, reading, music, and gym. I also have other hobbies like coding and swimming. I am taking summer camps for science and coding. 

Jady Z.

My name is Jady Zhang. I am 12 years old and an upcoming 7th grader at Basis Independent Silicon Valley. Some of my hobbies include painting, fencing, and playing the piano. I am very excited to meet you! 

Jessica W.

I'm Jessica. My pronouns are she/her. I go to Harker, and I'm currently a rising sophomore. My parents are Chinese and so I speak Chinese at home. I also took AP Chinese this year. I enjoy playing flute, drawing, learning Chinese and Japanese, playing video games, and watching TV in my free time. I want to participate in this program because I enjoy tutoring students as of one day I aspire to be a Mandarin teacher.  

Jonathan G.

Hello! My name is Jonathan Gao and I am an upcoming 8th grader at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. I like learning languages. I started learning Chinese at the age of 5, and I speak Mandarin at home. I have also been learning Latin for 2 years. I know English grammar, vocabulary, and literature from school. Some extracurricular activities I enjoy are piano and badminton.

Joshua W.

My name is Joshua and I'm 10 years old. I'm an upcoming 5th grader at Pointers Run Elementary School. I like reading, writing, playing video games, and math. I also like my school and I would like to teach English. 

Joyce H.

My name is Joyce Huang and I am going to 8th grade next year. I went to school in China until 3rd grade, and then started 4th grade in the US. I enjoy swimming, dancing, drawing, and playing the piano, among other things. 

Justin Y.

Hello! I am Justin, and I am a rising 9th grader. I enjoy hiking, math, and talking with others. I am passionate in teaching anything, and enjoy helping and working with others.  

Joshua G.

Hi, my name is Joshua. I am currently 12 years old and a rising 7th grader from Basis Independent Silicon Valley. I enjoy learning STEM subjects like physics and chemistry. In terms of language, I use English as my primary language, but I can speak some Mandarin, though not as fluently. As a hobby and sport, I like outside sports, specifically baseball, which I’ve played as my main sport for seven years. I like to read fictional books and also recently found some interest in coding. I am excited to teach you English! 

Lilly J.

Hello. My name is Lilly and I’m going to be a 6th grader at a middle school. I was born in the US, and I can speak English, Chinese, and a little bit of Spanish. I love to read, play chess, piano, Pokemon, coding on scratch, and play soccer. Since Kindergarten I am a straight A student. When I grow up, I want to be a coder to create cool projects. Coder uses programing language to communicate with the computer and software and make them to perform tasks to create websites, apps, or other objects like a computer to create things on the internet. In 5th grade, I was the treasurer of my school’s NEHS (National Elementary Honor Society). The officers are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and the Treasurer. The President starts the meeting, calls on the other officers to speak, and ends the meeting. The Vice President takes the president’s place when the president is absent, tells everyone to speak the pledge of alliance and the Honor Society Pledge, and make the icebreaker (a fun game at the end of the meeting). The Secretary takes notes and attendance. The treasurer is responsible for counting the money the whole group has left. I’d love to teach English during my spare time and meet new friends from China.

Luke T.

Hi my name is Luke. I am going to be a fifth grader of Westwood elementary school. I was born in California and it a Chinese born American. I play soccer and I am 10. I speak Chinese and English but only write and read a little Chinese.

Luna T.

Hi! My name is Luna and I’m 11 years old. I speak English and Chinese at home. I enjoy reading, playing Ping Pang, and video games. I’m from the Bay area, California, USA. Though my Mandarin isn’t very fluent, I’ll try to do my best to teach your English.

Nelson N.

Nelson N. is a rising 9th grader at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. He does swimming and speaks English, Japanese, and Chinese fluently. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge of English with you.

   Nico G.

My name is Nico Gong, and I'm from BASIS Silicon Valley, California. I have many hobbies such as playing video games, playing sports like basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and more. I engage in other activities like robotics. I’m a big fan of fiction books and writing as well. I am 13 years old, and I live in a family of four.

Norah T.

Norah T. is a 10 year old girl who loves reading and piano. She was born in Virginia and grow up in California. She is a native speaker for both English and Chinese. She has one year teaching experience as a piano trainer, providing weekly lesson for junior level student. She has a great passion to help more people to learn English. 

Olivia C.

My name is Olivia Cao. I am a rising 5th grader. I mainly speak English, but I talk in Chinese at home. I won first place and second place in Chinese speech contests several times. I like to play Ping-Pong and code using Java, html, CSS and JavaScript. I also like reading and writing. I am happy to meet you and help you English online!

Peimeng X.

Hello! My name is Peimeng and I’m 12 years old. I was born in China, but I’ve lived in the US and spoken English since I was 4 years old. I play the piano and violin, and I like drawing, reading, and anything related to birds. Glad to be helping you learn English! 

              Polaris H.

My name is Polaris Zhichen Huang, and I'm in grade 5. The school I go to is BASIS Independent Silicon Valley (BISV) which is the top STEM school in the USA. Every immigrant coming to the USA must pass the English Language Development test, which is for people who don’t speak English as their first language. I passed it through one year of effort and reached the ability to speak as well as other Americans in the community. I always attend school writing and speech contests, or extracurricular speech and writing contests. I’m eager to present my experience to those students who want to learn how  to speak English correctly and like real Americans.


Ran W.

I come from: 

Cupertino, San Jose, CA

My Age:

 11 (Actually, I’m almost twelve)                                   

My hobbies: 

Math, reading, and video games

I am: 

A member of the Bright Future For All, an organization from CA, USA

Rui L.

Hi, my name is Rui Liu, I’m in 6th grade, I live in California, and I’m 12. I like reading, and writing, especially fictional novels, though I do also enjoy realistic fiction. I really like playing piano, teaching, and drawing anime characters, plus watching them of course, and video games. I’m okay at math, and I was born in China, so I do know Chinese, plus, I’ve learned a bit of Spanish. I usually learn quickly if I put my mind to it, but if I don’t want to learn it, it’s never going to happen. I’ve been taking piano, art, Ping-Pong, and dance lessons, and thanks for reading. :D 

Sean W.

Hi, my name is Sean. I am 11 years old, currently in 6th grade. I am an Asian American living in California, United States. I mainly speak English, but I can talk in Chinese too. I like to play tennis and Minecraft. Recently, I just started coding. I traveled to China a few times in the summer before the Pandemic. I am willing to meet you online and teach you English. Let's have fun together! 

Sherry Z.

My name is Ruiyang Zhang otherwise known as Sherry Zhang . My favorite color is blue, the type of blue is aqua and my favorite food is snow cookies. I love reading books ebooks and paper books. My favorite book is Harry Potter book 3. I am 10 years old and will go into 5th grade this fall. I speak both Mandarin and English fluently and enjoy interacting with kids. I am excited to see you all during the summer break.